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Our humble beginnings

Are you one of those blessed souls who are good in Maths? 

In high-school, Juliano was told that he was hopeless in geometry. He was. But unknowingly, that was the seed of the concepts that are present in Nutrigonometry.

Eight years later, during his PhD at the University of Oxford, Juliano was then introduced to a method known as 'Nutritional Geometry'. Panic. There she was – geometry – staring at him in the eyes. How would he be able to finish his PhD? But he did, and managed to start getting the hang of this geometry thing. 


That was when Juliano had an idea. What if he could help students like him – hopeless in geometry – to learn this elegant and intuitive (most of the time) subject? That was when, a decade after Juliano finished high-school, Juliano gauged financial support from the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq) to start a project. With his team, they visited high-school students in Curitiba (South of Brazil) that were amongst the lowest performing schools in the Brazilian National Exam (ENEM) in Mathematics. During the visits, the team answered questions about career paths, STEMM, and of course, Maths.


Juliano then contacted his old high-school teacher – Rafael – and invited him to write an e-book, which would be freely available to students as additional resource for their learning of geometry. On the 6th of May 2018 (Day of Mathematics in Brazil), we have launched our book Geometria Poetica which was our public commitment to finding new applications to concepts of Mathematics to our Science and our lives, while making Mathematics accessible to as many people as possible. 

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Geometry Tools

Amongst mathematicians

Since then, we have gathered more and more Mathematician lovers, including  those who understand the inner workings of this wonderful subject, as well as those who do not. 

We have now contributed to the applications of geometry and related mathematical subjects – such as topology – to biology and more specifically, the field of nutritional ecology. Together, our body of contributions to science are now put together in this Nutrigonometry collection. 

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